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Categories & Scoring

We are now accepting submissions in the following categories:

Television Ad or Campaign Even as digital marketing is on the rise, pharma companies still depend on TV ads to build awareness and generate interest. This category recognizes the most creative and effective TV ads that go beyond the tried and traditional.
Print Ad or Campaign Pharma companies can pack a lot of information—and disclaimers—into a magazine or newspaper ad. This category looks at the print work that best convey big ideas and core messages along with the required litany of risks.
Social Media Post or Campaign While Twitter and Instagram might not be the easiest places for pharma to navigate, many companies are tweeting and gramming—some of them with influencer partners—for noteworthy campaigns. This category highlights standout marketing efforts that defy social media character counts and space constraints.
Digital (Non-Social Media) Campaign Banners and display ads are the old guard of online marketing, but effective and targeted pharma campaigns spur interest and drive traffic to more information. This category is for those non-social media internet campaigns that exemplify the best of web marketing.
Awareness Campaign Unbranded advertising is a favored tool in the industry to build interest in a disease or condition in the months before a product launch. This category showcases the unique and compelling unbranded work in any media (or across several) that increased awareness and inspired people to seek more information.
Professional Campaign It’s simple—physicians are the ones who write prescriptions, so HCPs are key targets for pharma marketers. This category recognizes the most innovative campaigns, in any media, that educate and inform doctors.
Out-of-Home Advertising People in the pharma industry spend a lot of time on the road at medical meetings, conferences and events. Usually that means seeing lots of billboards, digital signs, airports and even park benches used as vehicles for out-of-home ads. This category highlights the most inventive and original out-of-home pharma advertising.

Application Scoring

Applications will be scored by two judges and the aggregate of the scores will determine finalists and category winners. Based on high scores and judges feedback the Best in Show winners will be selected. For more information on our panel of judges visit the "Judges" tab.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity: Does the campaign break through traditional pharmaceutical advertising? How does it Is it use innovative ideas, application of craft and/or use technology to achieve its goals?
  • Strategy: What's the strategic big idea behind the effort? How does that idea guide the campaign's message, creative execution and media?
  • Audience impact: How does the campaign reach its intended audience (i.e. physicians, patients, advocacy groups, etc) and how does it cause them to think, feel or act differently?
  • Social good: Does the campaign address any larger social health issues? How does it help to change thinking, modify behavior and/or contribute to a healthier society in general?
  • True Innovation: How unique is the campaign? What problem does it solve? Does it fit the definition of "game changing?"
  • Effectiveness: Are there quantifiable metrics or data that demonstrate the value of the campaign? How cost effective is the campaign, that is, what return on investment did it generate comparative to its budget?


Deadline to submit: CLOSED
Deadline for add-on Innovation Report advertising: Friday, October 11th
Finalists announced: Wednesday, October 2nd
Marketing Report Published: Friday, November 1st