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Can I apply to more than one category?

Yes. You may submit the same campaign to multiple categories, or, submit multiple campaigns to the same category. There is no limit to how many applications your company can submit.

How are applications judged?

Each application will be reviewed by two judges against a set of criteria designed to evaluate the campaigns creativeness and results.

How can I pay for my application?

You can pay for your application and upgrades using a credit card at the time of submission. Submissions must be paid for by the deadline in order to be reviewed by judges.

What information should I include in my application?

It is mandatory for your application to include your company name, company website, campaign name, company overview, campaign description, campaign results, and your company logo preferably as an .eps file. Payment is also required to complete the application. You also have the opportunity to provide supplementary materials such as visuals, PowerPoint presentations, case studies, videos, etc.

Can applications be submitted from outside the United States? 

Yes, we are accepting applications from all over the globe. 
What is the cost to apply?

The cost to submit a single application is $250. Applicants also have the opportunity to purchase advertising in our Marketing Report which will feature interviews with Winners. Advertising opportunities include directory listings ($150), full page advertisements ($350), and thought leadership articles ($600) or purchase the complete branding package ($1,000).

What is the Marketing Report?

The Marketing Report will feature spotlights and interviews of all category winners and will be promoted to the 150,000+ influencers and decision-makers who read and trust FiercePharma.  Add-ons can be purchased when you submit an application or they may be added to an existing application after submission. The deadline to purchase an add-on is Friday, October 11 at 12pm EST.  The Marketing Report is scheduled to publish on Friday, November 1.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any company that has run a marketing campaign in the life sciences industry. The application will be scored high/low based on the ability of the applicant to demonstrate the following: creativity, strategy, audience impact, social good, true innovation, and effectiveness. Descriptions of the criteria can be found on the Category page.

Will I receive feedback from the judges?


Who should I contact with questions regarding my submission?

Please reach out to Ashley Secondini with any questions on your submission.

Where can I find your Privacy Policy?

The Questex Privacy Policy can be viewed here.